recorded albums 
"blk sonshine" (1999),  
"the listening room" (2003),  
"fire famine plague and earthquake" (2007),  
"good life" (2009) 
"dipalo" (2011) 

scores, available for sale 

"sweet metal songs" (work songs) for 20 singers, 2006  

"moya" (air like spirit like breath) for string quartet, 2007 

" 'ma siphupha siphupha ngamanzi" (when we dream we dream of water) for violin and harp, 2008 

"tricolor ankh" (a turbulent short-story concerning the love affair between cleopatra and antony) for flute, piano and cello, 2009 

"mangae a mane" (4 songs for fighting) for solo piano, natural and prepared, 2010  

"torotoroka" (an owl hoots percussivefor piano and alto singer, xylophone, 2010 

"catha mtwana" (song for light-footed dancingfor flute and piano, 2010 

"ema o tsamaye" (song for walkingfor violin and piano, 2010 

"kwaba an's dream" (a song of lossfor solo acoustic guitar, 2010 

"bina" (song for singingfor acoustic guitar and piano, 2010 also available

"bina" music box roll  

"memory of how it feels" - a collection of tonal short stories for 2 narrators, dancer, string quintet, piano and alto singer, 2010

"thoriso le morusu" (praise and riot) for soprano and pianoforte, 2011. premiered at the klein karoo nasionale kunstefees as part of the performance art piece, "die buitestanders", by magdalene minnaar and mareli stolp 

"thoriso le morusufor singers (SSAATTBB) and chamber ensemble, 2011 

"the flower of shembe" 
a chamber opera for narrators, singers, chorus and chamber ensemble, 2011/2012